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Смотрите онлайн телеканал «TBN EUROPE» на вашем ПК в высоком качестве. Также вы можете установить бесплатное приложение SPB TV и смотреть «TBN EUROPE» на мобильном телефоне или планшете или смотреть онлайн на PC/MAC.

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Trinity Broadcasting Network covers the entire continent of Europe and beyond, reaching an estimated 300 million homes with inspirational and family-friendly programming in English and many other languages. Europe is the world’s most ethnically diverse continent, and through its satellite center in Madrid, Pain, TBN Europe beams church and ministry programs, movies, music, kids programs, and more into every nation on the continent. It also features program blocks in German, French, Dutch, Hindi/Urdu, Arabic, Farsi and other tongues.